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Methodology and process are critical in any form of analysis, so why wouldn’t the same apply for training programs and learning systems? At GP Strategies, we follow a detailed process methodology to capture your audience’s needs and the requirements of their positions. Our proven, competency-based assessment processes uncover the skills, knowledge, and abilities your workforce requires to be successful.

By performing a front-end analysis, we can then build your training program and develop courses on a well-informed foundation. From tabletop analysis to in-depth, detailed task analysis, GP Strategies can tailor the right level of assessment and focus to meet your specific challenges and performance objectives. Our front-end analyses include:

  • Performance Improvement Analysis
    • Identify gaps that can be closed through training
    • Identify gaps that cannot be closed through training
  • Training Needs/Gap Analysis
    • Define desired performance
    • Measure actual performance
    • Performance gap = desired performance - actual performance
  • Job Analysis
    • Identify specific duty areas
    • Provide baseline data needed to design training program content and instructional strategies
  • Task Analysis
    • Identify individual skills, knowledge, and abilities (SKAs) and elements required for each task
    • Provide detailed documentation and tracking necessary for programs to stand up to regulatory or legal challenges

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