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An enterprise learning portal solution from GP Strategies provides a unique means of integrating all your organization’s learning applications into a single, consolidated platform. Much more than a corporate intranet, enterprise learning portals deliver highly personalized access to—and interaction with—relevant information, essential knowledge, and key resources vital to keeping your organization competitive. Another aspect of an enterprise learning portal is that it reaches out to the critical audiences your business needs to thrive:

  • Employees—business-to-employee (B2E)
  • Customers—business-to-consumer (B2C)
  • Trading partners—business-to-business (B2B).

Stay competitive with a learning portal solution from GP Strategies.

As an expert in learning outsourcing, learning operations, and training, GP Strategies delivers the holistic experience you need to optimize your competitiveness through enterprise learning portal implementation and integration. Whether your portal has a B2E, B2C, or B2B customer base, our solutions will provide the seamless application integration you need to aggregate critical content from all areas of the enterprise. If you are undecided on whether you need a portal or unsure of which product to choose, GP Strategies can help you develop a value proposition for an enterprise portal.

Our strategic experience with learning portal execution includes:

  • Learning portals—GP Strategies integrates a portal platform and key commercial software with your learning management system (LMS) to deliver a unified learning portal platform with the flexibility and agility to allow you to scale your solution and add additional functionality as your needs evolve.
  • Self-service portals—GP Strategies combines either enterprise applications or custom software with a portal solution to serve the needs of a particular group of individuals, such as employees, customers, or suppliers. By giving these parties a means to both leverage information about your company and execute business transactions, you can reduce challenges inherent with current file sharing or extranet solutions, enable employees to self-manage within your HR enterprise, and streamline branding and communications across existing and future learning portals.
  • Learning portal consolidation—GP Strategies consolidates and unifies portals from diverse business units across your organization while maintaining the security and integrity of each portal’s functionality. Consolidation eliminates the need for additional portal procurement, alleviates the challenges associated with the management of multiple systems, decreases support costs, unifies an organization’s message/brand, and builds clarity for your organization through a single, structured hierarchy tailored to suit your needs.
  • Web 2.0 “makeovers”—Corporate Web 2.0 makeovers are essentially a shift in paradigm from a static, view-only web environment to one of user interactivity and collaboration. Web 2.0 solutions provide organizations with a venue to generate fresh ideas, collaborate on challenges, educate newcomers, and identify subject matter experts. GP Strategies designs and develops portal solutions that are integrated with collaboration tools, such as blogs, wikis, discussion boards, and RSS feeds, resulting in a dynamic environment in which users are drawn in to provide their feedback, capture subject matter expertise, and retrieve this information for future problem solving.
  • Social network integration—GP Strategies uses a proven process to capture your learning needs, document requirements, and design/build a social networking solution that focuses on resolving learning challenges outside the classroom. The introduction of social networking to your learning portal offers students an opportunity to reinforce what they have learned through formal training; share knowledge with peers; and ultimately, increase productivity and efficiencies in problem solving.

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